15/11/2018   CAS Alert

Suction Catheters, Gastro-Enteral Tubes, Intermittent Urology Catheters And Sterile Urine Drainage Bags ? Potential Breach In Sterile Barrier Packaging

Manufactured by ConvaTec Limited ? use of affected devices may increase risk of patients getting infections.



All T34 Ambulatory Syringe Pumps ? Update Concerning Battery Information

Manufactured by Caesarea Medical Electronics (CME) Ltd, a BD company ? additional suitable battery identified for use in the T34 pump

MDA-2018-035 Final.pdf

05/10/2018   Lincolnshire Library of Information and Services - Connect to Support Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and the Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) are now working with Public Consulting Group (PCG) and Lincs2Advice (L2A) to develop our partnership online Library of Information and Services – with a target go live date of mid-November 2018.


The new service will provide people with a range of options on how care, support, health and community services can be accessed.  Alongside a web-based self-service, it will offer telephone, email, and web chat support for people who may not be confident IT users, or who have limited IT access.  It will also allow consolidation of existing sources of information and directories – supporting key Adult Care, Public Health and NHS priorities. 


PCG are industry leaders in online information and directory services through their Connect to Support product.  They will provide the website including an online provider and service directory, and information and advice content pages.


L2A are an established, well-regarded Lincolnshire signposting service.  They will provide the 'live' support element of the service.  This will mean telephone, email and web chat support for people who need help in navigating the site. 



The aim is to have the service up and running by mid-November 2018 with both the website and the Lincs2Advice support service. 


At the start, the directory will be populated with basic content of registered care services and some local information about services.  Following a launch of the service, there will be an ongoing programme to increase the amount and scope of information held on the directory. 


The Connect to Support product is capable of linking to the Council's social care case management system, Mosaic.  Future development of the Library of Information and Services will include this, in addition to the development of an e-marketplace, virtual wallet for care users, and capability to capture referrals for services. 


For further information on the Library of Information and Services, please contact Sam Francis, Information and Systems Manager: samantha.francis@lincolnshire.gov.uk

03/10/2018   Lincolnshire Specific ReSPECT

Dr Lawrence Pike has created a section on www.eolc.co.uk for ReSPECT under Lincolnshire Specific. This includes a link to Adam’s educational video. You’ll find it here. https://www.eolc.co.uk/professional/respect/

13/08/2018   Patient Safety Alert

Resources to support safer care for patients at risk of AD FINAL

30/07/2018   New LSAB Policy and Procedures

The new LSAB Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures can be viewed here.

16/07/2018   Medical Device Alert

Enteral syringe pumps - risk of uncontrolled bolus of medicine

Class 1 Medicines Recall

06/03/2018   Forces for Warmth

Forces for Warmth – a pilot project delivering energy advice to our East Midlands veterans, service personnel and their dependent families.

Forces for Warmth poster

East Lindsey

Referral Process Diagram

Forces for Warmth presentation