12/02/2019   National Recruitment Campaign

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11/02/2019   CAS Alert

Central Alerting System: Orthopaedic Implant Rhead Radial Head And Uni-Elbow: Risk Of Early Loosening


Manufactured by Stryker ? post-operative loosening of the implant which may require revision surgery.

 Additional information:

NHS England Regional offices:
do not cascade to primary care.

You can view further details of this alert by clicking on the following link: View Alert

If you have any queries regarding CAS please contact the CAS Helpdesk

The Central Alerting System has been approved by the Review of Central Returns - ROCR. ROCR/OR/0110/006MAND


31/01/2019   CAS Alert

CAS Alert regarding the Arjo Minstrel Passive Floor Lift (portable hoist) – risk of spreader bar detachment from lifts without a scale.  The spreader bar may detach from the lift arm during patient transfer with the potential for serious injuries.  Full details can be viewed here

03/10/2018   Lincolnshire Specific ReSPECT

Dr Lawrence Pike has created a section on www.eolc.co.uk for ReSPECT under Lincolnshire Specific. This includes a link to Adam’s educational video. You’ll find it here. https://www.eolc.co.uk/professional/respect/

30/07/2018   New LSAB Policy and Procedures

The new LSAB Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures can be viewed here.